Heartburn is a typical criticism of being pregnant. 22% of ladies expertise heartburn through the first trimester. This quantity rises to 39% within the second trimester. By the tip of the being pregnant, 72% of ladies have skilled some extent of heartburn and indigestion.

What causes heartburn?
They appear to get the blame for every part, however it’s hormones that trigger heartburn and indigestion throughout being pregnant. Progesterone slows down digestion and relaxes the muscle valve between the oesophagus and abdomen. This implies abdomen acid can leak into the oesophagus and trigger heartburn.

Later within the being pregnant, the rising uterus places stress in your abdomen. This could pressure abdomen acid into the oesophagus and trigger heartburn and indigestion.

Signs of heartburn and indigestion
You could undergo heartburn and indigestion at any level through the being pregnant, though it’s commonest through the ultimate trimester. You could discover that the signs are most noticeable straight after consuming. You could expertise the next signs:

  • bloating
  • wind / gasoline
  • ache after consuming
  • nausea
  • burping
  • bitter or bitter style in your mouth

How can I keep away from it?
The signs will disappear with out remedy after the beginning. To ease the signs of heartburn and indigestion throughout being pregnant, you’ll be able to attempt the next cures:

  • eat smaller meals extra typically
  • sit up when consuming – this can assist to maintain the abdomen acid the place it must be
  • keep away from mendacity down straight after consuming – let gravity do its job
  • keep away from consuming too near bedtime
  • drink a glass of milk earlier than mattress
  • eat contemporary apple after each meal
  • drink fruit teas
  • keep away from sugary meals
  • keep away from fatty meals
  • keep away from junk meals
  • eat slowly – placing down your fork between mouthfuls can assist to decelerate your consuming, and this can assist to cut back the signs of heartburn and indigestion
  • take small sips quite than massive gulps of fluids
  • drink fluids with meals
  • keep away from smoking

If you happen to discover that the signs of heartburn are maintaining you awake, you could possibly attempt sleeping propped up. The signs of this situation are worsened by mendacity down, so use additional pillows to maintain your self upright.

If the signs persist and are inflicting you a large amount of discomfort, you need to converse to your healthcare supplier. They need to be capable to advise you on medicines which are secure to take throughout being pregnant which can ease the situation.

Some medicines, corresponding to antidepressants and anti inflammatory medication, might irritate heartburn. You must converse to your healthcare supplier should you assume medicines could also be contributing to your heartburn or indigestion.

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Written by Fiona, proud proprietor of a toddler, @fiona_peacock

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