Adults are suggested to drink six Eight-ounce glasses of water every day, and through being pregnant this rises to eight Eight-ounce glasses. This works out at round 2.5 litres of water day-after-day. It could sound like rather a lot, however you must attempt to ensure you drink this a lot water every day all through the being pregnant.

Does it should be water?

No, you possibly can breathe a sigh of reduction, you must drink eight glasses of fluid every day, however they don’t all essentially must be water. Fruit juices, cordials, smooth drinks, milk, soya milk and even tea and low all depend in the direction of your fluid consumption.

Sugary drinks (sodas and juices) include numerous empty energy, so it’s possible you’ll wish to restrict your consumption of those drinks.

You must also restrict your consumption of caffeinated drinks, akin to tea, espresso and soda. Not solely does caffeine really dehydrate you, however analysis has discovered that consuming over 200mg of caffeine every day will increase the chance of miscarriage for pregnant girls. This equates to 2 immediate coffees, one brewed espresso or 5 cups of tea. The 200mg of caffeine every day must also embrace any caffeine from meals sources akin to chocolate.

In case you don’t like ingesting water, take into account including fruit (lemon or lime, for instance) to make it extra palatable.

What about fluid retention?

Some girls restrict their fluid consumption in an try and keep away from fluid retention. In actual fact, ingesting extra water helps to keep away from fluid retention. In case you are not ingesting sufficient water, your physique begins to retailer water, and through being pregnant this could result in swelling.

Advantages of staying hydrated

You might have seen that pregnant girls are often advised to remain hydrated, it is because ingesting sufficient water can assist you to keep away from plenty of being pregnant circumstances. The next circumstances may be worsened by dehydration:

Consuming the correct amount

Not many individuals maintain monitor of how a lot they drink all through the day, however it’s value doing throughout being pregnant to ensure you’re getting sufficient fluids. You might purchase a 2.5 litre jug and fill it with water at first of the day, and attempt to drink the contents earlier than the tip of the day. In case you’re out and about, it’s possible you’ll choose to hold an Eight-ounce glass with you so you possibly can maintain monitor of your fluid consumption. By ingesting out of a cup to be Eight-ounces, you’ll know if you’ve hit your minimal goal.

You don’t have to maintain monitor of your fluid consumption for the entire 9 months, but it surely may be value doing a few instances so that you get an concept of how a lot you drink. In case you’re falling in need of the two.5 litre advice, you’ll have to make a concentrated effort to drink extra water.

When to drink extra

It is best to improve your fluid consumption by one Eight-ounce glass for every hour of train you do. Even when it’s simply gentle train akin to swimming or strolling, you must nonetheless improve your fluid consumption. You could discover that you’re thirstier on scorching days too, as your physique tries to chill down, so attempt to improve your fluid consumption on today too.

Are you staying hydrated throughout being pregnant?

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