The mucus plug is a thick column of cervical mucus which sits within the cervical canal throughout being pregnant, primarily forming a blockage. The mucus plug stops micro organism from moving into your uterus, and helps to maintain your uterus sterile throughout being pregnant. Earlier than the start, you’ll lose your mucus plug, permitting the newborn to cross by the cervix throughout labour.

Your mucus plug is manufactured from a sticky, clear mucus, like nasal mucus, however usually thicker. In direction of the top of the being pregnant, you could begin to lose a few of your mucus plug. Some girls lose the complete plug in a single go, however others report the method taking on to a couple days. The mucus plug is odourless however is probably not essentially the most engaging sight to behold.

What’s a bloody present?

A bloody present is solely one other identify for a mucus plug. Chances are you’ll discover that the mucus seems pink or brown tinged with blood, and this is the reason it’s generally often called a bloody present. There may be nothing to fret about in case your mucus plug is tinged with blood, actually it’s fairly regular. It’s additionally regular to have a transparent plug, you may additionally have heard it referred to as a ‘present’.

Passing your plug

Passing your mucus plug just isn’t at all times a transparent indication that labour is imminent. In truth, should you cross your mucus plug over 24 hours earlier than labour begins, your physique will create a brand new mucus plug to take its place. Some girls lose their mucus plug weeks earlier than labour begins, nonetheless, it does imply that your cervix is beginning to put together for the start.

Although it doesn’t imply the onset of labour will occur any minute, it does imply it’s best to begin getting ready for labour. Is your hospital bag packed? Have you ever completed the nursery? Now could be the time to complete off any unfastened ends round the home, and prepare to welcome your child inside the subsequent few weeks.

Chances are you’ll discover you’ve handed a small quantity of mucus after a vaginal examination or after having intercourse, that is normally nothing to fret about.

When to inform your healthcare supplier

You may point out the plug to your healthcare supplier at your subsequent appointment, however there’s normally no have to contact them specifically for that reason. Nevertheless, it’s best to contact your healthcare supplier if:

  • you discover blood-tinged mucus earlier than your 37th week of being pregnant
  • the mucus plug is vibrant crimson
  • you cross greater than two tablespoons of mucus

Written by Fiona, proud proprietor of a toddler, @fiona_peacock

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