All these years, it has been you and your kitty.  Now, you end up anticipating a brand new bundle of pleasure, and folks maintain telling you that you have to do away with your cat. For eons, there was quite a lot of misinformation being unfold across the prenatal world making girl fearful that proudly owning a cat whereas pregnant may trigger them to miscarry, or give beginning to a child with beginning defects.

So, what’s the actual scoop?  Do you must ditch the kitty with the intention to shield you and your child from toxoplasmosis?

The reply is a powerful no. Toxoplasmosis is a parasitic an infection that is usually brought on by consuming uncooked or undercooked contaminated meat, however you may as well get the parasite by consuming unwashed contaminated produce, ingesting contaminated water, or dealing with contaminated soil, cat litter, or meat after which touching your mouth, nostril, or eyes. Additionally it is brought about from coming involved with the feces from a cat. And sadly, since cat feces is commonly the perpetrator, many pregnant girls are inspired to do away with their cats throughout being pregnant.

In a traditional, wholesome un-pregnant particular person, the signs of this sickness usually go unnoticed. Nevertheless, throughout being pregnant – there’s a threat that turning into contaminated also can infect the placenta and your unborn child, inflicting beginning defects and even stillbirth. In response to the CDC, in the US it’s estimated that solely round 1% of all infants born are contaminated with toxoplasmosis. Extra importantly nonetheless – you don’t should do away with your cat merely since you are pregnant.

In case you have a cat and are pregnant, then you have to take some primary precautions. At first is to clean your fingers after you contact your cat, and MOST IMPORTANTLY is to depart the cleansing of the litter field to another person within the household while you’re pregnant. The litter field must be cleaned DAILY as a result of the parasite that inflicting toxoplasmosis can stay in cat litter for months, and the litter stays must be taken outdoors of the home. The particular person cleansing the litter field ought to use gloves and must also wash their fingers afterwards. Moreover, keep away from giving your cat any undercooked or uncooked meats and stick with business cat meals. In case your cat likes to seek out prey outdoor, this threat of them contracting toxoplasmosis is larger (however you’ll not going know they’ve it) – so you must attempt to deal with your cat as little as attainable.

Additionally it is in your greatest curiosity to keep away from kittens or cats that you simply don’t know while you’re pregnant.

As talked about earlier, your cat will not be the one supply of toxoplasmosis. The truth is, you usually tend to get it from consuming undercooked meats than you might be to get it out of your cat. This is only one cause why well being care professionals advise pregnant girl to keep away from uncooked eggs, unpasteurized dairy merchandise and smoked or salt-cured meats like salami throughout being pregnant.

All in all, you shouldn’t let worry make you do away with the one you love pet. This threat of an infection, particularly if you’re armed with the suitable info and take cautious precautions, could be very low. Whereas you might have to watch out round your cat earlier than and through your being pregnant – it’s nonetheless okay to personal a cat.

Written By Stef, Mom of four @MOM-SPIRATIONAL

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