Varicose veins are swollen veins. They’re normally a darkish blue or purple in color, and will seem lumpy. They’re mostly discovered within the legs, though can seem elsewhere on the physique.

What causes varicose veins?
Veins have small valves inside, that forestall blood from flowing backwards, and be sure that the blood flows in the direction of the guts. If these valves cease working correctly, blood can stream backwards and swimming pools within the vein inflicting enlargement of the vein.

Varicose veins throughout being pregnant
Being pregnant will increase your threat of affected by varicose veins, because the being pregnant places additional strain in your physique. Throughout being pregnant, hormones trigger the partitions of your blood vessels to loosen up. Your physique is working more durable than ever to pump an elevated quantity of blood round your physique. And your increasing uterus is placing strain on the veins in your pelvis.

When you’ve got varicose veins on or round your vulva, you need to inform your healthcare supplier. It’s best to nonetheless have the ability to have a vaginal delivery, however they might want to hold a detailed eye on the veins in query throughout labour.

Signs of varicose veins
In addition to the final look of varicose veins, you may additionally expertise:

  • muscle cramps in your legs
  • swollen legs and ft
  • a throbbing or burning sensation in your legs
  • dry, itchy pores and skin over the affected space

Therapy and prevention of varicose veins
To forestall and deal with varicose veins, attempt the next suggestions:

  • all the time sleep in your left – throughout being pregnant, you need to keep away from sleeping in your again as a result of your enlarged uterus can forestall correct blood stream on this place. It is strongly recommended that pregnant ladies sleep and lie on their left-hand facet, as a result of this permits for optimum blood stream.
  • change place typically – don’t sit or stand for lengthy intervals, attempt to transfer round frequently. If seated, you need to attempt to take a brief stroll each half hour to forestall blood from pooling in your legs.
  • elevate your ft when seated.
  • keep away from crossing your legs when sitting.
  • take common train – common train may help circulation and forestall blood from pooling. Swimming, yoga and strolling are all nice workout routines throughout being pregnant.
  • keep away from consuming for 2 – being obese can improve your threat of affected by varicose veins, so attempt to eat healthily throughout being pregnant. Eat a balanced food plan stuffed with recent fruit and greens, and attempt to keep away from consuming empty energy akin to soda and junk meals.
  • keep away from constipation – hemorrhoids are a typical type of varicose veins skilled throughout being pregnant. Drink loads of water, eat a wholesome balanced food plan and ensure you are consuming sufficient fibre to cut back your probability of affected by constipation. Constipation can simply result in hemorrhoids.
  • put on assist tights or compression stockings – maternity assist tights are broadly out there and may help to forestall blood pooling in your veins. Your physician might suggest compression stockings if the maternity assist tights aren’t offering any reduction.

Most ladies discover that the varicose veins disappear by themselves after the delivery. Because the uterus shrinks again down, and blood quantity returns to regular, the veins are below much less strain and are higher capable of operate. If you happen to nonetheless have varicose veins six months after the delivery, you could want to communicate to your physician about remedy choices.

Are you struggling with varicose veins?

Written by Fiona, proud proprietor of a toddler, @fiona_peacock

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